GeoSource provides comprehensive subsurface exploration and geotechncial services, observation and testing during construction services. In addition, we provide a full range of laboratory testing services to support our geotechnical and materials engineering services.

Laboratory Testing

> Soil Subgrade and Foundation Testing
> Asphalt Testing
> Concrete, Mortar, and Grout Testing
> Structural Masonry Testing
> Spray-Applied Fireproofing Testing
> Aggregate Testing
> Moisture-Density Relationship

Geotechnical Engineering

> Engineering Analyses and Report Preparation
> Soils Classification, Gradation and Plasticity
> Retaining Wall Design
> Pavement Design
> Foundation Design (shallow and deep)
> Slope Stability Analysis
> Shear Strength/Compressibility
> Supervision of Site Preparation and Fill Placement Activities
> Phase I and Limited Phase II Site Assessments
> Radon Testing